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Best Dating Apps in NYC for Hookups, Relationships and More

Hi there! I’m an absolute fan of New York City. And lately I’m so into dating and so into Quora, so I’ve decided to take myself on a new level of advice-giving and blogging. Please check out my first big writing experience in a review on the best NYC dating apps. (I’ve tested them all myself, so I do know what I’m talking about!)

Are dating apps in NYC a good idea?

I say, the best one you could ever come up with!

New Yorkers do have choice of possible partners. But it usually remains nominal. You might’ve seen someone who suits you for tonight or for the rest of your life on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday or in a coffee shop on the East Side just this morning. You two have caught eyes in the crowd and… went in all different directions. ‘Cause you are just too busy and in too much of a hurry to spend much time on street acquaintances or searching for a sure hit at the eateries. NYC dating apps change the picture. No more rush, disappointment and embarrassment. You sign up and meet interesting hot New Yorkers who are up for dating. So it’s just one tap between you and your date.

Best online dating apps NYC has to offer

The market of singles apps is on the upswing. But far not all widely advertised services are showing their best in the Big Apple. So I’ve been thru both elite and free dating apps available in NYC to get you a top list of 100% efficient and cool ones.

Mind that most of paid services have a demo-period or a free trial for you to check them out and decide whether their performance is worth paying

    • 7. Align

What’s awesome: It’s an exclusive dating app in NYC and L.A., so you don’t go wasting your time on someone you’ll never be able to meet in real life.

What’s not: The matchmaking algorithm in based on horoscope compatibility. Taurus for Capricorn and Gemini for Libra. Or is it all the other way around? A bit (ok, a lot) iffy, but fun though.

    • 6.Sweatt

What’s awesome:For proud New Yorkers and sport-addicts only. An exclusive NYC dating app to meet singles focused on sports, fitness and yoga classes.

What’s not:No good matches for lazybones like me.

    • 5. Happn

What’s awesome:One of the best dating app for NYC romantics and introverts. Helps find that same perfect stranger you saw, but didn’t dare to talk to.

What’s not:The app tracks your whereabouts and shows suitable users in the area, so it can sometimes get a bit too local. You can only guess if your soulmate is on Happn and if the app will match you two. Your Mr./Ms. Right can have a slightly different daily route. Oops.

    • 4. Coffee Meets Bagel

What’s awesome:This one is not purely local, but very good for fitting love life into your busy schedule. It gives you one new match every day. If he/she’s not your type, provide feedback on what’s wrong and get a better-tailored match tomorrow.

What’s not:A real slow dating app for NYC. It gives you more of an illusion of dating than real dating. But fun and definitely ok for finding life-long partners.

  • 3. Tinder

What’s awesome:Well, it’s Tinder! Right-swipe for yes and lift-swipe for no. Your would-be partner has right-swiped you too? Congrats, you are a match. The app works for everywhere and in the Big Apple. Quite good for NYC casual hookups.

What’s not:Swiping is fun for a couple of weeks and exhausting for the other couple of years you spend there to find a worthy man. You are very likely to miss or miss-swipe your soulmate. Frankly, it’s just too crowded.

  • 2.OkCupid

What’s awesome:Another not purely NYC dating app shown to be pretty efficient for New Yorkers. It’s basically just hit or miss, but you can customize your search tools and easily hit on someone suitable!

What’s not:Just like on Tinder, too much choice here can eventually bring you to no choice at all. So don’t get carried away but swiping.

  • 1. Secret Desire

What’s awesome:My personal first pick. I believe this one to be the best dating app for casual hookups in NYC. It features a real good easy-to-use local search and it’s anonymous! Means no bumping into your grandma, no embarrassment, no strict rules to follow. You say and do what you feel and date guys and girls who’re feeling the same. Good for all kinds of NSA relationships: casual dating, one night stands, and sexting. And if you’ve met someone just right for you, your fling can easily be transferred into something long-term and very real.

What’s not:Available in the iPhone App Store only. No anonymous adventure for you, Android-guys, sorry. Plus Secret Desire is a pretty new dating app in the NYC market having less users registered than Tinder or OkCupid. But I don’t really think it’s a huge problem. I have more than enough matches there. And, of course, the app’s gonna grow.

No perfect service found yet. But all of the mentioned above do work and help singles in New York City meet each other. No matter how busy and fast your life is, you have a chance to date someone just right for you. So I suggest forgetting the bias and trying mobile dating. The city is waiting!